Saxophone lessons

Currently I give saxophone lessons in the area of Bonn Bad Godesberg in presence and of course online!

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The lessons - Serious Fun

My saxophone lessons are aimed equally at beginners and advanced students, pupils, students and adults.

Contents of the lessons range from the first note to improvisation. Music theory is of course also a part of the lessons.

I feel very strongly about preparing young players in particular to participate in a big band or other ensemble.

It is a great motivation and fun to make music together with others as well. There, students can put the knowledge they have gained into practice!

As can be seen from my homepage, I also have opportunities to place one or the other in the big bands I lead.

However, I also enjoy working with band directors from other schools and bringing the content required there into the focus of the lessons.

In class I work a lot with so-called “play alongs”. So tape playbacks that the student can practice with. So the band comes home to the CD player or computer. The learning effect is enormous, since e.g. the rhythm and intonation can be checked immediately in comparison.

The instrument

An own instrument should be available. Depending on the workload, I can also offer a rental instrument (alto/tenor saxophone) from my collection for a rental fee.

I am happy to give tips and help with the purchase of a suitable instrument. Especially in the beginning, a good instrument is important to ensure the fun of playing from the first note. Some stores also offer installment plan in installments. This leaves enough time to practice the instrument, the willingness to practice and to test your own approach to the saxophone.

Homerecording - the own recording studio

Students who have mastered the basics on the instrument, I make them familiar with the so-called “Homerecording”.

Home recording is another important component in improving one’s saxophone skills. It provides the student with the opportunity to experience and evaluate themselves as a listener. The effect on one’s own development on the instrument is huge, as mistakes are immediately obvious to hear, as is a good performance!

Prior knowledge of home recording is not required. I slowly and patiently introduce the student to the use of the appropriate software and how to use the computer and microphone.

Required technical equipment for home recording:

  • Computer / Notebook (Windows or Mac OS)
  • Audio interface with microphone or USB microphone (with zero-latency monitoring)
  • Headphones

I will be very happy to advise you on the choice of the right equipment! If you are entering new territory in this area, please be sure to contact me before making a purchase!

Online - Lessons like in a recording studio and flexible in time

Of course, playing an instrument is and will always be an analog pleasure, and nothing is more fun than making music with others in an ensemble or big band. Please keep it that way and hopefully we will still be able to enjoy many live concerts. Be it actively as a participating musician or passively as a listener. A live concert or rehearsal with the ensemble or a big band is always an experience.

My demand on technology, and especially on digital technology, has always been that it SUPPORTS and NOT REPLACES. The computer and the Internet are supposed to help us simplify processes, streamline workflows and give us time to focus on the things that are important to us. WE use the computer and not the computer us!
This is exactly the approach I take with online teaching and invite you to give this format a chance.

However, in order for online classes to be as effective and productive as face-to-face classes, certain technical equipment requirements and an adequate internet connection are mandatory! But then nothing stands in the way of successful teaching and is a lot of fun!
Simply opening the laptop, dialing up Skype & Co. and getting started completely misses the point and is fundamentally unacceptable both for the student and for myself.

Regardless of the pandemic, many of my students (and parents!) have come to appreciate the benefits of online instruction. On the one hand, there is the time advantage, as there is no need to travel to and from the teaching location. This opens up more time windows in which teaching is possible and the day is somewhat equalized in terms of scheduling. Especially the students who have a longer journey appreciate this. In the past, if the place of residence moved to another city or even another country, one was inevitably on the lookout for a new teacher, hoping to get along with the new one as well. Online, everything remains as it is.
On the other hand, the whole range of digital possibilities can be used. For example, music theory and rhythm theory can be worked out directly with the appropriate software. Of course, it is also possible to accompany the homerecording online in real time and to give corresponding hints and suggestions for improvement.

In terms of content, there is no difference online to face-to-face teaching. We are on the same level.

The virtual classroom

For online saxophone lessons I use the platform !

This platform was developed specifically for online instrumental lessons and is constantly being expanded with new features.

Among other things, this web application offers an audio player. In addition to a looper, pitch shifter and slow downer, this offers the possibility to remotely play audio files on the student’s computer and have it play in sync with the play alongs. But also such essential functions as tuner and metronome are present. Doozzoo enables completely free high-end sound at up to 192kb/s in stereo without ducking, dumping and phasing effects.

In the meantime, some institutions such as music schools and music colleges also use this platform, and entrance examinations to music colleges have also been realized in this way.

Doozzoo is a pure WebApp, runs in the browser and no software needs to be installed. The use is free of charge for the student and is DSGVO compliant.

Technical equipment

Technical equipment needed for online saxophone lessons:

  • Computer / Notebook (Windows or Mac OS)
  • Webcam (HD quality would be desirable, 4k optimal)
  • Audio interface with a good external microphone or good USB microphone (with zero-latency monitoring and integrated headphone jack)
  • Headphones
  • Internet access with at least 16Mbit/s down & 2Mbit/s upload (higher upload is better)

With pleasure I also advise here on the choice of the right equipment! If you are entering uncharted territory in this area, please be sure to contact me before making a purchase! The required equipment can of course also be used for conventional video conferences at school and at work.

I myself am well equipped, use only professional audio and video equipment to offer the student the best possible quality from my side!

Online coaching for teachers

Are you a music/instrument teacher and would like to learn more about the possibilities, software usage and technical requirements of online teaching?
I offer personal coaching to help you get started in the digital world! Previous experience is not required.

In the personal coaching for teachers I answer all questions on the subject and inform you about the basic possibilities, the choice of teaching platform, technical equipment based on personal/instrumental needs, setup of the operating system (Windows, Mac OS), internet connection & network at home and of course the conceptual lesson design.

Information and conversation

I would be very happy to inform you about the requirements and possibilities for saxophone lessons in a personal conversation. Please contact me and we will arrange a video call.

Cooperation with schools in Bonn

There is cooperation and support with the following schools:

  • Aloisiuskolleg, Elisabethstraße 18, 53177 Bonn Bad Godesberg
  • Amos-Comenius-Gymnasium, Behringstraße 27, 53177 Bonn Bad Godesberg
  • Bonn International School, Martin-Luther-King-Straße 14, 53175 Bonn, Germany

If you are interested in my saxophone lessons, please contact me via my contact form without obligation.


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