Saxophone lessons

Saxophon Unterricht in Bonn

Currently I give saxophone lessons in the area of Bonn and Bad Godesberg and of course online!

The lessons

are aimed at beginners as well as advanced students, students and adults.

Contents of the lesson range from the first note to improvisation. Music theory is, of course, also part of the teaching.

It is very important to me to prepare young players for playing in a big band.

It is a great motivation and fun to make music together with others.
There, the students can put the acquired knowledge into practice!

As you can see from my homepage, I also have the possibility to put one or the other in the big bands I run. But I also enjoy working with bandleaders from other schools and focus my lessons on the content required there.


There should be a separate instrument. Depending on the load, I can also offer a loan instrument (alto/tenor saxophone) from my collection for a rental fee.


In order for online teaching to be as effective and productive as face-to-face teaching, certain equipment requirements and an adequate internet connection are necessary!

I will gladly inform you about the requirements in a personal conversation. Please contact me.


If you are interested in learning to play the saxophone, please contact me.

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