Bonn Jazz Orchestra at the Pantheon. Concert of October 16, 2017 with Thomas Heck, Heiner Wiberny, Thomas Kimmerle & Shawn Spicer - Photo by G. Brombach
Bonn Jazz Orchester - Foto © G. Brombach

The band members are renowned jazz musicians from Bonn who have met in the music academies of Europe, the Landesjugendjazzorchester and the Bundes Jazz Orchester.
The bandleader, trombonist and arranger Oliver Pospiech has been the leader of the big band of the University of Bonn since 2002, which has made a name for itself as one of the best uni big bands in Germany. Furthermore, he is known nationally as musical director of the Cologne Stunk Session. The program includes the finest BigBand literature by classical jazz composers from Thad Jones to Bill Holman to Brookmeyer and much more.


Torsten Thomas – tenor saxophone
Thomas Heck – alto saxophone
Heiner Wiberny – alto saxophone
Markus Land – alto saxophone – until Oktober 2016
Thomas Kimmerle – tenor saxophone
Shawn Spicer – baritone saxophone

Oliver Pospiech – trombone, musical director
Adi Becker – trombone
Dave Horler – trombone
Stefan Weitershagen – bass trombone

Frank Wiesen – trumpet
Michael Kuhl – trumpet
Jürgen Roth – trumpet
Herwig Barthes – trumpet
Hagen Fritzsche – trumpet
Claus Thormählen – trumpet

Oliver Leue – piano
Markus Braun – double bass
Leif Battermann – drums

Guest musicians:

Dusko Goykovich, Christine Corvisier, Janning Trumann, Andy Hunter, Christian Mehler

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